Nestinarian Dance at Sea Garden Varna, Bulgaria

On February 29, 2020, the Desi and Georgi from “Fire Mystery” were invited to present to the guests of “Kids Corner – Varna” and visitors of “The Chefs Street”, an authentic Nestinarian dance.

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Participation in Parvomay

The village of Parvomay celebrates St. Constantine and Helena Day on May 21 and traditionally ends the evening with a fiery ritual dance of the Nestinarians “Fiery Mystery”.

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Desi in BTV’s Every Sunday column – The Guardians

At the age of 16, Desislava Zhekova dares for the first time to touch her feet to the fire.

“From the first time I walked in, I don’t remember anything. I remember the heat, how it smolders. I remember the stars that were in the sky, the darkness around you, but I don’t remember anything else …”

“Over time, I never thought of becoming a nestinar, I didn’t even know I would. I started dancing constantly since 2000. I just felt the need.”

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this project!

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Fire dancing in Obzor

On the occasion of Obzor’s holiday, we were invited to perform our mystical dance on the embers. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Fire mystery in Smyadovo

The fire-dancers from “Fire Mystery” were invited to perform their mystical dance for Sirni Zagovezni in Smyadovo.

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